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Study Support, Arthur Holt Library, 3.45 pm – 5.00pm Monday to Thursday

Last week, I wrote about the many expressions of learning as relational: relating what we know to what is new, relating with our fellow learners to deepen and accelerate our own learning, relating with those who are interested in our progress to articulate what we have discovered. This week I would like to focus upon one of the opportunities the school offers for relating with those who have greater expertise than us – teachers and mentors – beyond the classroom.

These kinds of opportunities are available for all secondary students in The Arthur Holt Library after school, Mondays to Thursdays. Between 3.45 pm and 5.00 pm, teachers are available to work with students on study habits and routines, homework, upcoming assessment tasks, how to prepare study notes for upcoming examinations, how to set up a study timetable – or any other learning-related question a student may have!

No prior booking is required – simply turn up, sign into the Library with your Trinity student card and follow the signage to the designated Study Support area.  Teachers will be ready to work with you.

Of course, the Library is a valuable study space for many students after school and remains open until 6.00pm every evening. Students attending for Study Support may choose to stay on after the 5.00pm finish to continue working in a supervised, conducive environment if they wish.  If you would like further clarification about Study Support, please contact Mr Andrew Scott, Director of Curriculum, on 9581 – 6135.

When we take up opportunities to ask questions, test our ideas, and work shoulder to shoulder with someone who has more expertise than us, we can be supported in valuable ways. What sometimes appears daunting can be broken down into manageable steps. We can work out where to start and how to get to the end of a homework or an assessment task. We can become efficient learners, confident to step deliberately into any learning challenge. I encourage you to consider the ways in which Study Support in the Library after school might be just the help you are looking for to foster these kinds of learning habits in your sons – and, boys, I encourage you to turn up and give it a go!

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

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