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One of the most fundamental truths about learning is that it is relational: not only is learning a process of relating what we know to what is new, it is a process of exchanging ideas and questions with those around us. Relating in structured and focused ways with peers who are learning with us is one expression of learning as a relational process. Another is found in the ways we dialogue and work with those who have more expert knowledge, understanding and skills in a particular domain – our teachers! Yet another aspect of this notion of learning as relational is found in the conversations we have about our learning with those who are interested in our progress, especially our families.

Today I would like to outline an initiative designed to support your timely and informed conversation with your sons about their learning progress. The Trinity Assessment Parent Portal, or TAPP, has been designed to support parents as they engage, through conversation, with their sons about how learning is going. The application allows parents a ‘window’ to the upcoming learning tasks a student has been set as well as results and feedback students receive on the course-based assessment tasks they complete. The application draws information from Canvas, the learning management system in which the boys and teachers work, learn and talk together. TAPP visualises this information so parents can receive timely updates on learning progress, before the more formal Semester Report is released.

When you log into TAPP, via the parent portal, you will be able to see results, feedback and student reflections for course-based tasks completed by your son’s whole year group. In addition, you will be able to see all learning tasks set for your son in Canvas, both at the course and class level. Some of the questions you might use to prompt conversation could be:

  • How are you planning to tackle the tasks you have coming up? Do you think you need any help? Do you have all the resources you need?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of this task – and how did you meet that challenge?
  • What did you really enjoy about this task – and why?
  • What are you most proud of in completing this task?
  • Can you see something specific you could do to improve next time?
  • Do you need to go back to your teacher to explain any aspect of the feedback?

This short video outlines the purpose and features of TAPP and provides step by step instructions for accessing the new application. TAPP will be ‘turned on’ next week, allowing parents to ‘see’ assessment information such as marks, grades, rubric feedback, teacher comments and student reflections for those tasks completed in the academic year to date. Parents will receive an email announcing the release of assessment information and a reminder of log on instructions for the parent portal.

TAPP has been in development over the last eighteen months and was piloted in Term 3 last year with parents of the 2020 Year 7 cohort. We are confident this technology will enhance the conversations you are able to have with your sons, both in celebrating his learning achievements and supporting the next goals he sets for himself. If you have any questions about this initiative, you are warmly invited to contact the Curriculum Office on 9581 – 6135.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

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