Academic Focus | Returning to Face to Face Learning

While remote learning is proceeding well, we continue to look forward to Week 4 when students will return for face to face learning. Mr Barr has written comprehensively about the return to school arrangements for the Summer Hill campus in his article this week and I commend that to you. I will, however, take this opportunity to remind parents of the arrangements for remote access to classroom learning for students unable to attend face to face.

These arrangements and student protocols are available here. Essentially, during Weeks 4 to 6 an MS Teams link will be provided, via a Canvas Announcement, for each lesson. This link will enable students to have a ‘window’ into the classroom. They will receive the teacher’s instruction in this manner and communicate with their teacher via the MS Teams Chat function and email if required. From Week 7, this remote access will require approval from the relevant Head of School.

I suspect that, amongst our students, there are many different responses to the prospect of returning to campus. Our experience from 2020 tells us that it is likely we will all have mixed feelings about the return … some things that we will miss about being at home, some things that have been good for us, some things that we might be a little anxious about, and some things that we just can’t wait to get back to! I encourage families to have those conversations with their sons, acknowledging the complexity of how we might be feeling. Possible lenses for reflecting upon the return to school might be:

  • What has been learned about oneself during remote learning?
  • What is the thing to which one is most looking forward about returning?
  • What routines will need to be re-established to support a successful return?
  • What learning goals could be useful to set for the remainder of the term?   

Families are warmly invited to contact teachers, Housemasters, or the Pastoral or Curriculum Offices if they would like to discuss any aspect of the return to school for their sons.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

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