2021 Student Senators

This week, the 2021 Student Senators were announced on Quad. Sebastian Papadopoulos was the keynote speaker. His speech appears below:

Good Morning Deputy Headmaster, Staff and Students.

Exactly 200 years ago, on 25 March 1821, Greeks from all around Greece and Cyprus initiated the Greek War of Independence. These soldiers, fighting for Greece and its culture, managed, after eight and a half years of hard fighting, to finally free their motherland from nearly 400 years of Ottoman occupation.

Under the Ottomans, the Greeks were treated as second class citizens, not being allowed to practice their religion or teach their children their language. Most if not all of the Greeks around this Quad have ancestors that fought to allow their descendants the right to practice the culture that had been oppressed for so many years. So, you can understand why Greeks are notorious for their intense nationalism.

In honour of Greek Independence Day, I will draw everyone’s attention to a few reasons why Greeks are so great. 

Firstly, Greeks have invented the tastiest food you will ever try. The infamous Greek Gyros with its combination of meat, chips and good Greek pita bread will make anyone’s mouth water.

Secondly, the Greeks brought to life many of the English words we use today. There are over 150,000 words that we use in English which come directly from Greek.

Finally, and most importantly, the Greek invention of Democracy. Without Democracy, the world in which we live in would be unrecognisable. Democracy plays a major part in our school community as well.

To my left are the students that you, the school, have chosen to represent you in the Student Senate. They will be responsible for listening to your ideas of improvement for the school, bringing them to the rest of the Senate. After which, the ideas will be suggested to the senior staff leadership of the school who will either enact or deny the suggestions. After all of the names of the senators have been read out and they are standing to my right, I think it appropriate that we, as a school, recognise them and applaud.

From Year 8:

Alan Chen and Harry Clegg

From Year 9:

Joseph Britton and James Chan

From Year 10:

Kelvin Kong and Charlie Naffah

From Year 11:

Rory Briscoe and Jonah Sawmi

And from Year 12:

Darcy Burge and Joshua Muir

Let’s show our appreciation for the 2021 Student Senators.

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