2021 ICAS Competitions – Year 3 to 6 students

If you would like your son to compete in the 2021 ICAS Competitions (Year 3 to 6 only), you will be asked to nominate which competitions you would like him to be entered in. At the Junior School the following ICAS competitions are offered:  English, Mathematics and Writing.  This year all the competitions will be held in August/September, Term 3 and will be completed online.  Please make your preference(s) by following the link below and enter your son’s details before Friday, 19th March.

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Please consider carefully before choosing this enrichment opportunity for your son. It is a rigorous competition with many questions set beyond grade level. Participants are required to demonstrate a deeper, integrated and thorough level of learning. If you are unsure of your son’s suitability, please consult with his teacher.

More information about the assessments can be found at:


There is no additional cost for your son to participate in ICAS tests.

Merilyn Ormes | Director of Curriculum, Trinity Grammar School Junior School

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