2021 Head Master’s Dash

In its 17th year, the 2021 Head Master’s Dash Finals Day was again a big occasion for the School. There were some incredible performances in the near-perfect conditions as all finalists strove to achieve their personal best with a big crowd cheering the runners on. All boys are to be commended for the preparation they put into the event and, for many, their continued commitment to year-round training.

The Top Gun final this year was probably one of the most competitive (and closest) in many years. Sebastian Ghisso (11He) was crowned the fastest boy in the School running a very quick time of 4.91s with William Moir (11Hi), Laud Codjoe (12Ta) and Christian Pulley (10Fo) not far behind running 4.95s, 4.96s and 4.99s respectively. To have four boys run under five seconds is breathtaking!

Another performance that must be highlighted is from Mason McGroder (7WH) who ran 5.51s which was only 1/100th of a second slower than the record which has been held since 2014.

Congratulations must also go to all boys who competed in the heats – it was fantastic to see so many athletes run in the dash this year. Without these athletes, the dash would not be the event it is! A break-down of the medal performances for each race appears below.

On a final note, I wish all athletes well as they continue with their winter season of sport, remembering that pre-season Track and Field training has already begun. The remainder of Term 2 is a crucial time for all potential Track and Field team members to put in the hard metres. The CAS season is just around the corner. After last year, and not being able to have a CAS, the excitement is building as we move to the House Track and Field Championships in Week 8 – another opportunity to compete prior to CAS season. The EAP programme has over 18 structured training sessions available per week, from Middle Distance through to the Super Wednesday Sprint showdown. So please come along and improve your overall athletic development.

Mr Andrew Murphy | Director of Athletic Development

Junior School

  • 4th Place – Remy Humphreys (6Fo) – 6.26s
  • Bronze Medal – Daniel Simpson (6Ta) – 6.13s
  • Silver Medal – Hugo Tsai (6Yo) – 6.09s
  • Gold Medal – Sam de Alwis (6Fo) – 6.00s

Preparatory School

  • 4th Place – Aaron Patel (6He) – 6.84s
  • Bronze Medal – Jeremiah Sydhom (6Hi) – 6.34s
  • Silver Medal – Christian Di Giandomenico (6He) – 6.29s
  • Gold Medal – James Barry (6Hi) – 6.24s

Top Gun Junior/Prep

  • 4th Place – James Barry (6Hi) – 6.10s
  • 3rd Place – Daniel Simpson (6Ta) – 6.07s
  • 2nd Place – Hugo Tsai (6Yo) – 5.95s
  • 1st Place – Sam de Alwis (6Fo) – 5.94s

Year 7

  • 4th Place – Giacomo Ricci (La) – 5.92s
  • Bronze Medal – Hugo France (WH) – 5.82s
  • Silver Medal – Austin Wu (We) – 5.58s
  • Gold Medal – Mason McGroder (WH) – 5.51s

Year 8

  • 4th Place – Logan Toohey (Ke) – 5.60s
  • Bronze Medal – Banjo Hannaford (Du) – 5.47s
  • Silver Medal – Andrew Hoskinson (He) – 5.40s
  • Gold Medal – Brock Prideaux (WH) – 5.38s

Year 9

  • 4th Place – Indiana Murphy (Ta) – 5.35s
  • Bronze Medal – Jonathan Bassily (Yo) – 5.32s
  • Silver Medal – Kevin Ma (Fo) – 5.30s
  • Gold Medal – Chris Chin (He) – 5.28s

Year 10

  • Fourth Place – Caleb Kwan (Ta) – 5.30s
  • Bronze Medal – Kelvin Kong (Ar) – 5.29s
  • Silver Medal – Luca Ratnavadivel (Du) – 5.18s
  • Gold Medal – Christian Pulley (Fo) – 5.04s

Year 11

  • 4th Place – Michael Park (Yo) – 5.20s
  • Bronze Medal – Oscar Martin (Sc) – 5.05s
  • Silver Medal – William Moir (Hi) – 5.00s
  • Gold Medal – Sebastian Ghisso (He) – 4.98s

Year 12

  • Silver Medal – David Nguyen (WJ) – 5.12s
  • Gold Medal – Laud Codjoe (Ta) – 5.03s

Top Gun

  • 4th Place – Christian Pulley (Fo) – 4.99s
  • 3rd Place – Laud Codjoe (Ta) – 4.96s
  • 2nd Place – William Moir (Hi) – 4.95s
  • 1st Place – Sebastian Ghisso (He) – 4.91s

Students breaking five seconds:

Year 11 – Sebastian Ghisso (He) – 4.93s – Heats

Year 11 – Sebastian Ghisso (He) – 4.98s Year 11 Race Finals Day

Year 11 – Sebastian Ghisso (He) – 4.91s Top Gun Final

Year 11 – William Moir (Hi) – 4.95s Top Gun Final

Year 12 – Laud Codjoe (Ta) – 4.96s Top Gun Final

Year 10 – Christian Pulley (Fo) – 4.99s – Top Gun Final

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