2021 Da Vinci Decathlon

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic opportunity where our students compete against a range of schools across NSW. This year was the first time that the competition was online and our teams connected via Zoom. It was an interesting experience in many ways. Our teams worked tirelessly as they persisted through a range of very challenging concepts. This year we had eight teams representing our school. The competition runs over three days. Tuesday 4 May – Years 7 and 8; Wednesday 5 May – Years 9 and 10; and Thursday 6 May – Years 5 and 6 (Junior and Preparatory Schools).

Here are some anecdotes from the students across the Year groups that were competing:

On Tuesday 4 May, the Trinity Grammar Year 7 Da Vinci Team participated in the Da Vinci Decathlon. This was an opportunity for our team to work together to complete a number of challenging tasks in a variety of specialty areas including Mathematics, Science, and Creative Producers. We all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and this was what ultimately led to us successfully attaining 4th in Science and 15th in Ideation. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience that I was honoured to be a part of this year. Gregory Kariatlis (7La)

Da Vinci was very challenging. I found that the questions in Da Vinci were very different. I have never done those types of questions before. They were very new to me. For the English paper you had to know a lot about books and authors. The Creative Producer task was hard. You had to think of what you would do if given the chance to go back in time and change something. Art and Poetry was my favourite competition. As a team we could split up our efforts if someone was stuck. We could switch around and help each other. That was a good part of the day when we could help each other. I hope I do it again next year. Rory Ashcroft (5Hi) PS

We all worked together on challenging problems that seemed almost impossible to us individually which meant that, we had to different people in our group who specialised in the area we were working. Maths and Cartography were challenging. It was fun because it made us think for the whole day. Maxwell Leung (5Yo) JS and Ryan La (5Ta) JS

On Tuesday 4 May, the Year 8 Team competed in the Da Vinci Decathlon, which was online for the first time ever. I was glad to see everyone giving it their all in the competition as we raced against the clock to submit our responses in relation to the theme of chance. Each subject was unique and interesting, from building a mini-golf course to reading weather maps, to creating a three-dimensional artistic poem. Overall it was a fantastic experience that tested our critical thinking and creativity. Christian Ciarroni (8WJ)

Da Vinci was very challenging. It tested your skills to work as a team. To be successful you needed to use all your skills such as time management and self-management skills. They were necessary just to complete the tasks. At some points, time was not on our side and we had to rush our answers. Da Vinci was surprising in that it is very different from other experiences. Usually, you work on your own in competitions. For this competition, I had to collaborate with my teammates. The hardest part of Da Vinci was to get through all the papers and not give up. Sometimes it felt like it was breaking your mental spirit but you just had to keep trying. Working in a team, supporting each other made it easier for everyone. Alex Hu (6Hi)

I was extremely proud of the boys after the day. We had been working to the best of our ability with some banter to keep our spirits high. My personal favourite category would be Ideation, which really brought out our creativity and Science, which did extremely well in our Year group. Compared to 2019, online was much less stressful as the noise levels were down and it was easier to concentrate. An amazing effort made by all teams for the Decathlon. Ashton Yee (7Ta)

It was fun to be part of a team where everyone contributed to each category in the competition. Being online was an interesting experience where we had to work together. At one time we had five papers to submit. It was intense when we had to solve really challenging problems and we had to split up some papers so we could get the papers in on time. Dane Barns. (9WH)

Tha Da Vinci Decathlon is a day where we answer questions from ten different categories competing against schools from NSW. I really enjoyed the category titled Legacy as this was the only task that allowed for our whole team to work on something together. Most of the day we allocated different papers to pairs and trios depending on the strengths of each member. Matthew Nurcombe (6Fo) JS

Although the Da Vinci Decathlon this year was a different experience to previous years, it was challenging nonetheless. The virtual setting did not prevent us from thinking outside the box and we applied our academic and creative skills in ways we had not thought possible before. Overall, an excellent time. Timothy Woodyatt (11Du)

As Year 11 is the final year of the decathlon, I was honoured to be a part of this experience this year. Throughout the day, we operated as a group of eight across ten disciplines, delegating responsibilities according to our strengths. This was immensely rewarding and our team received two places in our Year group. George Dedousis (11Mu)

The decathlon acknowledges the top 18 places across the ten categories in the competition. Our Trinity results were overwhelming:

  • Year 5 JS: 4th – Art & Poetry, 9th – Maths, 10th – Codebreaking
  • Year 5 PS: 12th – Maths
  • Year 6 JS: 9th – Engineering, 10th – English, 7th – Legacy, 13th- Codebreaking
  • Year 6 PS: 6th – Creative Producers, 5th – Science
  • Year 7: 4th – Science, 15th – Ideation
  • Year 8: 3rd – Science, 15th – Maths, 15th – Ideation
  • Year 9: 14th – Cartography
  • Year 11: 3rd – Creative Producers, 12th – Legacy

Lisa Gossling | Head of Gifted and Talented Education

Year 5 Team, Junior School

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