2021 Australian Age Swimming Championships

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (7th-12th April)

The 2021 Australian Age Swimming Championships were held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre during the holidays. Trinity was represented by 13 students who competed in a total of 51 events across the six days of competition. Overall, the Trinity Grammar School Swimming Club finished in 8th position on the National point score. This is truly a wonderful team achievement with a lot of prestige being placed on finishing inside the Top Ten clubs.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 National Championships due to the global pandemic, there were many safety precautions and procedures in place to ensure the 2021 Championships could proceed without delay.  The biggest change was that the National Championships were being held in an outdoor venue for the first time in decades.  This presented several obstacles, but largest was the weather.  We can only describe our time in Queensland as sunshine one day, torrential rain and wind the next.  The first night of finals saw the weather take a turn for the worse.  For most of our team, this was their first major meet outside – EVER!  But they remained confident in their preparation, and took solace knowing that all ten lanes in the pool were facing the same tough weather conditions.  I was constantly reminded by the swimmers “We can only control the controllables” — a phrase I must have utilsed once or twice in the past.  No matter what it was, our Trinity boys had an outstanding night in the pool.  Night one saw two swimmers from New South Wales become National Champions, and both were very humble Trinitarians!

Hayden Hoang (9Ta) had an exceptional meet at his very first National Age Championships, bringing home two Gold medals and one Silver medal, along with three finalist ribbons.  Hayden was one of New South Wales’ most decorated swimmers at the meet, as he became the National Age Champion in two events and a close runner up in another.  Hayden was phenomenal as he blitzed the field in both the 14 Years 100m Backstroke (58.61) and 200m Backstroke (2.07.09).  Again, the very sunny heats and windy finals made Hayden’s swims even more remarkable for a backstroker.  Showing his versatility, he also narrowly placed 2nd in the 14 Years 200m Individual Medley (2.12.79).  Hayden’s large program saw him in the pool most days and nights, and I am confident that Hayden both enjoyed the success and learnt from his experience of his first National meet. 

Caleb Dryer (12Sc) was absolutely sizzling in the pool, returning home with both a Gold and a Bronze medal, along with four finalist ribbons. Following from his strong performances at the NSW State Titles in December, Caleb went into the meet being ranked Number 1 in the 16 years 200m Butterfly.  A decent daytime heat swim saw him progress to the nighttime final ranked second.  It was both cold and raining, yet that did not stop Caleb from lighting up the pool.  He showed true grit and determination as he channeled his inner Michael Phelps at the 100m turn and wowed the crowd with an outstanding 15m underwater, progressed to the lead and never looked back, winning the event with a huge personal best time of 2.02.43.  This swim now places Caleb firmly in the mix to be named in the Australian Team for the FINA World Junior Championships, that may proceed later in the year.  Caleb also claimed a Bronze medal in the 16 Years 800m Freestyle, in a new personal best time (8.22.82).

Other notable results include:

  • Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar) swimming two 200m Butterfly personal best times (1 x heat, 1 x swim-off) in the space of an hour.  He also finished with four finalist ribbons from his 7th place in the 16 years 400m Freestyle (4.05.51), 6th place in the 16 years 800m Freestyle (8.36.12), 10th place in the 16 years 200m Freestyle (1.55.87), and 6th place in the 16 years 1500m Freestyle (16.31.55).
  • Jason Yeou (12We) finished with three finalist ribbons after finishing 8th in the 16 Years 400m freestyle (4.05.26), 8th in the 16 years 400m Individual Medley (4.39.63) and 8th in the 16 Years 1500m Freestyle (16.44.76).
  • Jonathan Nam (9St) competing at his first National Age meet achieved personal success, by progressing into the final of the 14 Years 200m Breaststroke.  Jonathan placed 10th in a new personal best time of 2.35.24.
  • Cooper Twine (10Mu) overcame the tough weather conditions that confronted all competing in Backstroke, by swimming a personal best time of 1.03.61 in the 15 years 100m Backstroke.

After so many wonderful performances, we are hopeful that many of the boys will be selected into both Australian and NSW Swimming Pathway Squads for 2021/2022.

Yours in Swimming,

Benjamin Tuxford | Director of Swimming

2021 – Australian Age Swimming Championships

14 – 17 Years, Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (7-12 April 2021)

National Age 2021 Results

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)200 IM 2nd200 Back 1st400 Free 8th100 Breast 26th100 Back 1st400 IM200 Free 7th 
14 Years2.12.792. 
Jonathan Nam (9St)200 Back 16th100 Breast 25th100 Back 27th200 Breast 10th    
14 Years2.    
Zachariah Nguyen (10Ta)50 Free 61st   
15 Years26.01       
Cooper Twine (10Mu)100 Back 29th 
15 Years1.03.61       
Jason Wang (10Ar)100 Free 70th50 Free 42nd      
15 Years57.3225.61      
Caleb Dryer (12Sc)200 Fly 1st400 Free 5th800 Free 3rd100 Back 23rd200 Free 17th100 Fly 9th200 Back 10th1500 Free 5th
16 Years2.02.434.
Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar)200 Fly 12th100 Free 30th400 Free 7th800 Free 6th200 Free 10th100 Fly 35th200 IM 31st1500 Free 6th
16 Years2.08.6653.894.05.518.
Jason Yeou (12We)100 Free 27th400 Free 8th400 IM 8th200 Free 19th200 IM 11th1500 Free 8th 
16 Years53.834.  
Adrian Barrett (12Fo)100 Breast 31st       
17 Years1.11.15       
Sam Hohne (12Ke)50 Free 33rd100 Fly 28th100 Free 28th 
17 Years24.6859.6453.45     
Matthew Robertson (12Du)50 Free 25th100 Fly 22nd100 Free 24th   
17 Years24.5058.9553.29     
Cooper Virgo (12La)50 Free 33rd100 Free 36th      
17 Years24.6853.91      
Alan Weston (12Ta)100 Fly 30th       
17 Years59.80       
14 – 17 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle RelayS.HohneM.RobertsonC.VirgoJ.Yeou7th   
14 – 17 Years 4 x 100 Freestyle RelayS.HohneM.RobertsonJ.YeouC.Virgo8th   
14 – 17 Years 4 x 200 Freestyle RelayG.WilczakJ.YeouC.DryerM.Robertson5th 
16 – 17 Years 4 x 50 Medley RelayC.DryerJ.YeouS.HohneM.Robertson6th   

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