2020-21 NSW Junior Metropolitan Swimming Championships

SOPAC 27-29 November 2020

With 2020 beginning to wind down and most looking forward to the Summer holidays, our Trinity junior swim team were preparing to race at one of their major meets for the 2020/21 Summer Season. Trinity Grammar School were represented at the NSW Junior Metropolitan Swimming Championships by seven students across the 2-day meet at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Trinity Grammar students raced hard and fast over the weekend and were the proud recipients of a total 30 medals (11 Gold, 15 Silver, 4 Bronze) along with lots of personal best times. The Trinity Grammar Swimming Club (eight swimmers) were a smaller team but were competitive in the overall point score, finishing sixth (857 points). The overall winner of the meet was the combined Knox Pymble S.C (2220 points and 49 swimmers); in second position was PLC Sydney (1905 points and 19 swimmers); with SOPAC finishing in third position (1077 points and 23 swimmers).

Gold Medallists

Joshua Jeung (7He)

12 Years 400m Freestyle 4.33.26

12 Years 200m Freestyle 2.08.22

12 Years 200m Butterfly 2.23.75

Grayson Doig (8He)

13 Years 100m Backstroke 1.05.77

13 Years 50m Backstroke 30.88

13 Years 50m Freestyle 25.96

13 Years 200m Individual Medley 2.22.18

Jonathan Nam (9St)

13 Years 100m Breaststroke 1.13.32

13 Years 200 Backstroke 2.24.00

13 Years 50m Breaststroke 33.72

13 Years 200 Breaststroke 2.40.70

Silver Medallists

Sterling Tuxford (7WH)

11 Years 200m Freestyle 2.20.03

11 Years 100m Butterfly 1.08.72

11 Years 50m Butterfly 31.19

Joshua Jeung (7He)

12 Years 50m Butterfly 28.32

12 Years 100m Freestyle 58.72

12 Years 100m Butterfly 1.02.54

12 Years 200m Individual Medley 2.28.59

Brendan Holden (8WJ)

13 Years 200 Backstroke 2.25.98

13 Years 800m Freestyle 9.47.29

Grayson Doig (8He)

13 Years 50m Butterfly 28.48

13 Years 50m Breaststroke 34.14

13 Years 100m Butterfly 1.05.66

Jonathan Nam (9St)

13 Years 100m Backstroke 1.05.93

13 Years 200m Individual Medley 2.27.53

Leopold Vo (8WH)

13 Years 50m Backstroke 31.16

Bronze Medallists

Joshua Jeung (7He)

12 Years 100m Backstroke 1.09.49

12 Years 50m Freestyle 27.33

Grayson Doig (8He)

13 Years 100m Freestyle 58.36

Jonathan Nam (9St)

13 Years 50m Backstroke 31.29

After a huge two full days of competition, there were numerous highlights, and it was wonderful to see our team displaying such great competitive spirit and comradery.

Yours in Swimming,

Calum Timms | Coach of Swimming

Jonothan Nam (9St) (left) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) (right)
Sterling Tuxford (7WH) (left) and Grayson Doig (8He) (right)

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